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Hi, my name is Bas Verkooijen. I am currently 20 years old and living in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

My college city Nijmegen, left my home town Wijchen
Current education

Since 2014, I am a student at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen. I study Technische Informatica (Technical Information Technology). In my first year at other courses I've worked with databases (MySQL and MSSQL), developed an Android game and developed a webshop using HTML5, CSS3 and PHP5. I've also followed a course called Embedded Software Development. We had to build a traffic crossing and control the traffic lights using an Arduino Uno. The specific aspects of embedded hardware you have to take into account while developing, like the amount of available memory, speed and connectivity (wireless solutions) fascinated me. That was the reason I chose my current study. Currently, I'm going to start with my last year following a course called Mobile Application Development. By the way, my favorite programming language is C++.

Hobbies and social life

My current hobbies are developing with Arduino and the Raspberry Pi, Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike, helping people who have trouble using their pc, repairing PCs and laptops and being social with friends and family ;-)

My desktop

I am a convinced Linux user. My favorite distribution is Arch Linux. Also, Debian and Xubuntu are one of my favorites. Take a look a the Linux masterrace and PCMR Reddit to know what I stand for.

I have three systems as main system. First is my desktop, my old laptop (read my review here) and my new laptop.